I leave for my friend's wedding in Mexico in three days and I couldn't be more excited. Six whole days of laying in the sun and reading, topped off with a perfect beach wedding. To celebrate, I've finished off the cover for my second book, CASTLE. I might be a little biased, but I just love this book. I've finished about 3/4 of the book and hope to complete it while on vacation. I'm going to publish it later in June, but you can check out the cover and free sample on my "Free Stuff" page.

My first book is up on Amazon and ready to be read. I wasn't planning to publish it for a few more days but after a final read thru yesterday, I decided to go for it. I know it's not perfect, but then neither am I. But I do think it's an enjoyable read so please check it out.

I started writing the Shadows three years ago when I was between jobs and bored out of my mind. The first version was certainly "rough" but I knocked it out in about ten days. The subsequent versions took a lot longer to write, mostly because I'm now working full time and putting in an insane amount of hours at work. But it is also taking longer because I've got a lot of writing projects going on right now. I'm about halfway done with another YA novel that will be published in July and I will also be following up soon with the sequel to The Shadows so expect to hear much more from me in the coming months.

If you would like to buy The Shadows, please check it out on Amazon Buy The Shadows

NATO has arrived. For the next four days the city will be overrun by hippies and diplomats. The church down the street from where I live is housing a bunch of the protestors which I expect will have zero affect on my life... Sarcasm really doesn't translate easily on the internet. Lots of the city is shutting down while NATO is in town. My job is not. So I get to venture downtown and dodge road blocks and cardboard drone protests. And then on the weekend, the fun will come to my neighborhood when Wrigley hosts NATO night. Nice planning, city officials. Wrigley is a place for drunk hipsters, not protesting hippies.
I'm officially 30. So far, so good. For the big celebration, I went to LA to watch my first Dodger game at Dodger Stadium. It was pretty awesome and very relaxing. I love walking on the beach in the morning so I guess it's a good thing I have a Mexican vacation coming up in less than a month.

In other news, I'm putting the very finishing touches on my first book- The Shadows. I'm posting the first three chapters on my "Free Stuff" page so please check it out. I expect to publish the full book on Amazon at the end of May.
I was having a crappy week at work. Insanely busy, stressed out and whatnot. And then I walked into work this morning and my coworker handed me a beer. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Now I don't want you to think that's how my days normally start. In reality, one of my coworkers brews up some beer at home and generously shares with his favorite colleagues once in awhile. It's a pretty sweet deal. And no, I didn't drink it for breakfast. I waited until lunch.

In other news, check out my new page "My Books" and you can see the new cover for my first book "The Shadows." I'm just finishing up some editing and then hope to get this book rolling on Amazon by the end of May. You shouldn't try to hide your excitement. Also, I'll be posting some free chapters to help ease your extreme anxiousness until you can get the whole thing.

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