I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. I try to blog at least once per week, but obviously I failed at that recently. I have a good excuse though! It's been an insanely busy summer for me, so let's do a bit of a recap.

Turned 30 and went to Los Angeles for my first ever game at Dodger Stadium. They beat the Giants with no problem. Also got to see Magic Johnson. Go Blue!!!

Published my first book on Amazon, The Shadows. I believe I had two sales in May (the book was available for about 10 days I think), and I was thrilled.

Saw two of my dearest friends get married in Mexico. It was amazing, and I was so excited to be a part of it. I was in the wedding, too, so it was even more special. We were there for six days and everything was so perfect none of us wanted to leave. Amazing.

Published my second book, CASTLE, on Amazon. Did some free promos and gave away a lot of books. Also sold about 40 books total for the month of June and was so happy that people were actually willing to pay to read my books. Also got my first reviewer feedback and was so happy it was positive.

Moved. I upgraded to a two bedroom in the city and I love my new place. There was a lot of stress around getting everything set up for the move, but once it was done I immediately fell in love with my new place. My mom came up to help me move which was great for two reasons. 1- I got to see my mom and 2- I came down with a terrible cold the day before the move and was practically useless. Mom to the rescue!

Published my first novella, SHANE. Sold between 40-50 book total in July. Received my first reader fan mail and almost cried. Received some reviews on Goodreads that were both good, and not so good. Still amazed that anyone is actually reading my books.

AUGUST (So far):
Became obsessed with the Olympics. This happens every two years because I'm equally impressed by both summer and winter Olympics. Also became convinced that I could've been an Olympian if I wasn't so lazy.

Quit my old job as a lawyer and started a new job, still in the legal industry. Spent two months interviewing and was blessed to be offered the job. Saying goodbye to my old colleagues was hard, but I'm so excited to learn so much in my new job. I've been there a week and so far I love it.

Published third book- the second book in the Shadows trilogy, The Rebels. Hopefully it is as well-received by readers as the first book. Nothing worse than a crappy follow-up to a book you liked. I also got my first two reviews on Amazon (one 4 star and one 5 star. Thanks!!!!), and did a free giveaway on LibraryThing.

Along the way, I also attended bachelorette parties in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Celebrated a half dozen birthdays of friends (almost all of which were 30th birthdays). Said farewell to a friend that moved to DC. Made new friends. Had some scary health moments for family members that turned out okay. Saw the Cubs beat the Cards at Wrigley. Had a root canal and a bunch of other dental work done. And basically had one of the most amazing summers of my life.

So yeah, that's why I haven't blogged as much as I would like. Most days I can't believe how blessed I am. So I thought this recap would be a good way for me to list all the great things that have happened to me recently and remind me to count my blessings.


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