I'm not very good at new year's resolutions. In fact, I never even make any. Instead, I think it's more helpful to look back at the previous year and learn from your successes and failures. And hopefully avoid repeating them in the coming year. So this is going to be a long recap of my 2012.

To start off the year, my work paid to send the entire company on a three day ski trip to Sundance, Utah. It was a cool surprise, even if it did force me to spend three days trapped on a mountain of snow. After two days of hiding inside our mountain home doing puzzles, I finally gave skiing a try. I was NOT good at it.

After my failed attempt at becoming a skier, the next big milestone in my life happened in May. I turned 30. I was NOT happy about it. But rather than forcing myself through a painful party with friends, I planned a trip to LA instead with my pops. We did some touristy things, and then fullfilled a lifelong fantasy by attending our first ever game at Dodger Stadium.
Added bonus- the Dodgers beat the Giants! Happy birthday to me.

Back in Chicago, we were facing an even bigger opponent than the World Champions- NATO protestors.
Most of the city was shut down for a few days because of the rogue protesting. My company stayed open, and this was just one of the protests in front of our building. Note the police officers surrounding them. All in all, everyone- including the police- did a pretty swell job.

One of the other fantastic  things that happened around this time was that I published my first book, The Shadows, on Amazon. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a lot of fun learning. Once I got started, I couldn't stop myself from writing more and more books. But we'll get into that more a little bit later.

Also in May, one of my very best friends and favorite people in the world had her bachelorette party. My friend and I traveled down to P-Town to party it up.
How cute are these shirts we had made? Also, that's my pink butt on the left.
About a week after this, we all headed down to Mexico for a week long celebration, capped off by their beautiful wedding on the beach. It was such an amazing time, we all want them to do it again every year.
Yes, I know I'm a dork. I literally could've posted a million pics because it was so beautiful there, everything looked amazing. Ugh. I'm ready to go back.
Sidenote- there was a celebrity wedding that same weekend and we got to see Michael Bay and have a drink with the Old Spice Guy.

So that takes us through June.
In July, I move apartments and accepted a new job. Big, scary changes but I don't regret either of them.
August was a month of adjustments, and a bit of a reprieve before September. I started traveling for work and finally got to visit Philadelphia. Very cool city.
In October, I finally had a great excuse to visit the state of Florida. Another excellent friend got married! I love my friends and their amazing destination weddings.

My friends and I drank a few Miami Vices and spent a lot of time by the pool. I'm ready to go back there, too!

In November I made it back to the Q to visit the fam for Thanksgiving. I ate a LOT of food. Finally something I'm good at.

In early December, I made another work trip to DC and NY. It was my first time ever in DC and I loved it. Can't wait to go back for fun some time and actually visit some museums.

I got stopped by the presidential motorcade twice while I was there which means that the president may or may not be stalking me. I also got stopped by him in Chicago on election night, and by Air Force One in Warsaw, Poland. Don't ask- long story.

December was also the month for the office holiday party (which happened to be insane) and then 11 days of recovery until the new year. I swung back to the Q for xmas with the fam, and made it back to Chicago just in time to get the flu. So with just a few days left, I'm going to go ahead and call 2012 a great year. The world didn't end which was a huge bonus.

It wasn't always a perfect year. My family had some crazy health scares, and life threw some curveballs. But when I look back at the past year, only one word comes to mind that summarizes it all. BLESSED.

With that, I wish you all the happiest of new years, and don't forget to count your blessings.
You may remember that I mentioned starting a new job back in August. I blame that job for my lack of posting. I've been crazy busy, but still loving the job. Unfortunately, with the increased travel component and some big releases, I haven't had as much free time as I would like for writing.

Good news though- my job gives me a winter break, which started yesterday. So with 11 days off, I hope to make some excellent progress on my current work in progress, the follow up to CASTLE. I also managed to get the final details wrapped up on the third and last installment in The Shadows Trilogy- The Warriors. It was a lot of fun to write, and very cathartic to be able to wrap up the stories and give the characters some closure. It's up and available on Amazon if you'd like to check it out.

What else is new... I had a recent trip to DC and NYC and finally got to see both the White House and the big tree in Rockefeller Plaza. I did the Christmas thing with my family yesterday and today, and now I have a lot of movies and books to catch up on these next few days. We got the first snow of the season (and I'm not particularly happy about it). We had a holiday office party that included not one, but two after-parties.

I'm still hanging out with the fam, watching the new Total Recall movie. So I'll include a much longer post later this week but just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays.


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