It's time for a disclaimer- I hate winter. I hate being cold. I live in Chicago, so this is problematic. I love summer. I love the sun and hanging out at the beach. But my absolute favorite time of year is September and October. Autumn, fall- whatever you want to call it.

So when I got the email saying that pumpkin drinks are back at Caribou I was equal parts excited and sad. Happy that it's pumpkin time, but sad about the fact that winter is just around the corner.

In other news, it's almost time for fall TV to start up again. I don't watch a ton of live television. DVR and Netflix are my best friends. But the first week or two of new episodes is still a little exciting. Especially for the brand new shows that start up and either amaze us, or end up getting cancelled in six episodes.

In writing news, I just finished up my rewrite of my contemporary adult novel, Searching for Glory, and now it's time for editing. I should hopefully be publishing it soon, so I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, I've got a gazillion writing projects going at once so I'll give you sneak peak:

The Warriors- Book Three in the Shadows Trilogy should be released in early October.

FORTRESS- Book Two in the CASTLE Trilogy will be released in either late October or early November.

The Guardian- A Shadows Novella will be out in November.

The Sweet Surrender- My second contemporary adult novel will be out in December.

It should be noted that I'm using adult only to signify that they are not young adult novels. Try not to read anything into that ;)

So that's where I'm at for now. More updates will follow.


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