Yes, I admit it- I am obsessed with zombies. And I have been for a while now. This can mostly be blamed on The Walking Dead (which incidentally will be on very soon as this is a Sunday night.)

I was in Florida last weekend for a wedding. Prior to going, I made sure everyone knew how I would like to die should I become a zombie. (Also, when I went to Mexico a few months ago I made my dad memorize that line from Taken about "a particular set of skills" in case I got kidnapped. I'm weird.) Do people still remember how that guy on bath salts tried to eat that other guy's face? And then they found out he wasn't really on bath salts but just pot. Anyway, that happened in Florida. I'm still convinced this is the first sign of the coming zombie apocalypse.

I made it back to Chicago without being infected with the zombie virus or a zombie encounter of any kind. Frankly, it's a little disappointing. I've been looking to try out some of my survival

While this post is mostly just an excuse for me to ramble, it does have some ties to my writing. I am still working on the final book in my Shadows Trilogy, but concurrently I have been developing an outline for another series about apocalyptic survival. Mostly because it's just so much fun to write. I will keep you updated but for now I'm off to watch some Walking Dead.


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